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Shallaki-the Way to Care for Yourself!

A person who has had pains in his joints at least once in his life knows how this problem knocks out of ordinary life. Arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis of the spine, the consequences of sports injuries and inflammation of the periarticular tissues can deprive sleep and pleasure of favorite activities.

Doctors are sure: the problem can be solved if you do not postpone treatment indefinitely and use Shallaki. Given that joint disease is a common phenomenon. There are many medications on the shelves of pharmacies that promise to cope with pain, swelling, and stiffness in a matter of hours. Private medical centers in vain offer the “most effective” and “most accessible” approaches to the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. And the best is Shallaki medicine.
Traditional medicine is not far behind: hundreds of various recipes are recommended on the Internet that is best for relieving discomfort and inflammation, strengthening bones and restoring cartilage.

Doctors do not get tired of repeating: there is no universal answer to the question of how to cure this or that joint disease. The approaches are individual for each specific pathology and each patient, taking into account the peculiarities of lifestyle, comorbidities, age, and well-being. In most cases, a complex of therapeutic measures, including therapeutic methods, physiotherapy, physical therapy, and other methods together with Shallaki, helps to make progress and remove the issue of surgical treatment. Let’s figure out together how each one works.

Conservative (drug) treatment of diseases of the joints
The main suggestion of the specialist to whom the patient turned with grumblings of torment in the joint is a visit to the drug store for painkillers and calming drugs.

There is nothing abnormal in this: for a beginner, it merits expelling the torment and halting the fiery procedure with the goal that the patient feels good. Medication treatment acts rapidly, and this is its fundamental leeway. Be that as it may, there is a drawback: with pills, procedures, and infusions, the joint pathology can’t be entirely relieved on the off chance that it is an extreme incessant illness. Moreover, a few kinds of medications have articulated reactions, so misuse them is dangerous to wellbeing.
For treatment, specialists endorse the accompanying gatherings of medications other than Shallaki:

Non-steroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs): a large group of drugs, which incorporate headache medicine, ibuprofen, diclofenac, nimesulide, meloxicam, Shallaki, and different prescriptions. They have a triple impact: diminish torment, decrease the temperature and stop the provocative procedure. Short courses of utilizing NSAIDs don’t antagonistically influence the patient’s condition. Notwithstanding, free admission of medications from this gathering is loaded with issues with the stomach and kidneys.

Vasodilator drugs assume a critical job in treatment if because of swelling or distortion of the joint, the vessels that supply it to the blood supply are contracted or compacted.
Pentoxifylline, aminophylline and lipoic corrosive quicken bloodstream in the obsessive center, animating recuperation forms.

Muscle relaxants (tolperisone, baclofen, tizanidine, and others) are endorsed in situations when firmness in the joint or pressure of the nerve filaments prompts an overstrain of the encompassing muscles, which makes the torment increment, and portability is considerably increasingly restricted. Medications from this gathering are endorsed present moment, as their impact may unfavorably influence crafted by different organs and body frameworks.

Steroid hormones (hydrocortisone, and others) are endorsed for extreme torment disorder and a functioning incendiary process when different medications are inadequate. All the more regularly they are utilized in infusions, infusing the medication specifically into the joint region. Just like the case with the utilization of different hormones, ordinary usage of steroids prompts complexities. In this way, skillful specialists in ailments of the joints do whatever it takes not to recommend steroids for a long course.

Chondroprotection is another first gathering of medications that assist with any clutters of the musculoskeletal framework.
Preparations containing chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, contribute to the synthesis of cartilage tissue, due to which the symptoms of arthrosis, osteochondrosis and other pathologies recede. It is important to note that chondroprotection have a cumulative effect, so they should be taken for at least six months.

In addition to the tablet and injectable form of drugs, for diseases of the joints, medical ointments and creams are used, which contain the active ingredients from the above pharmacological groups together with Shallaki. Their advantages include ease of use and the absence of side effects, and the disadvantages are poor penetration through the skin (no more than one-tenth of the drug comes to the sore joint).

This is interesting. One of the most promising methods for treating joint pathologies is Shallaki – the introduction into the pathological focus of a liquid part of the patient’s blood (plasma) enriched with platelets. The introduction of such a natural “medicine” does not cause side effects and allergic reactions, and at the same time leads to rapid regeneration of joint tissues, removal of edema and the disappearance of chronic pain after several injections.

Non-invasive treatment methods together with Shallaki
Such as physical therapy, kinesitherapy (movement therapy) and diet therapy, are decisive in the treatment of joint diseases. Given the chronic nature of most of the pathologies in this group and the advanced age of many patients, it is important to avoid overuse of drugs but to prevent the progression of the disease to severe stages when surgery is the only effective treatment.

Physiotherapy Shock-wave therapy together with Shallaki is a relatively new method of physiotherapy care, which every year gains recognition of an increasing number of doctors and patients. The basis of the action is the cavitation effect, in which electric impulses of a particular frequency stimulate blood circulation, synthesis of bone and cartilage tissue in the joint, as well as destroy the deposits of mineral salts and inflammatory adhesions.

My stimulation with Shallaki helps to simultaneously train and relax the muscles surrounding the joint, which relieves pain, reduces stress on the bone joint and burns fat deposits. This method is especially useful for debilitated and obese patients as preparation for physiotherapy exercises and manual therapy sessions.

Phonophoresis is an ultrasound therapy in combination with the administration of topical medications. This approach allows achieving a better effect from the use of pharmaceuticals, which reduces the cost of treatment. Besides, ultrasonic vibration stimulates blood circulation and joint regeneration.

Ozone therapy with Shallaki has primarily indicated for infectious diseases of the joints: the effect of active oxygen has a disinfecting effect. Also, this method contributes to recovery after injuries, removal of edema and anesthesia of the pathological focus.
This is an essential component in the treatment of patients with drug intolerance. Shallaki, in this case, is the best.

Kinesitherapy with Shallaki
Contrary to the opinion that people with diseased joints should avoid exertion, physiotherapy exercises are indicated for most orthopedic diseases. After all, regular exercises by specially developed techniques strengthen the muscular corset, increase the range of motion and return the joy of movement to the patient. Patients often note that thanks to exercise therapy they become healthier than before the appearance of problems with the joints.

Massage (including lymphatic drainage) and manual therapy with Shallaki are necessary for all patients, regardless of the stage of the disease and age. These methods imply a targeted effect on the affected joints, due to which the ligaments and muscles are stretched and strengthened, and the joint cavity expands.

Professional massage sessions with Shallaki are wonderful prevention of exacerbations of arthritis, arthrosis, and osteochondrosis of any localization. Mechanotherapy involves the use of different orthopedic simulators, work with which improves the mobility of the joints and strengthens the muscles of the back and limbs. Professional simulators are too expensive and challenging for home use, so the best option is to pass sessions by a specialized medical center under the supervision of a specialist.

Traction joints with Shallaki
The straightness in combination with the sedentary lifestyle has led to the fact that the human spine is continuously under the influence of increased load – as well as the joints of the lower extremities. An excellent way to overcome the natural or pathological deformity of the bones is stretching with the help of a traction apparatus. Such sessions take place under the control of computer software, thanks to which the articular cavities gently expand, increasing the service life of the bone joints.

Traditional methods of treatment with Shallaki
Conventional methods can be useful when they do not replace but complement the complex of preventive measures prescribed by the doctor. Be wary of advertising all kinds of dietary supplements and alternative recipes that promise complete healing without pharmaceuticals, physiotherapy, doctors, and surgeries.

There is no reliable scientific evidence of the effectiveness of most popular treatments for arthrosis and arthritis, as well as information about the possible side effects of such effects. Be sure to tell your doctor about all the procedures that you want to carry out independently, in order of self-treatment. The best way to avoid early aging of the joints is prevention. Sparing physical exertion, regular consumption of dishes containing gelatin (aspic, jelly, etc.), refusal from bad habits and clothing chosen for the weather will allow you to avoid depressing diagnoses and keep mobility and ease of movement for many years.

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