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Alpha Body Mist: The Tips to Remember

How to use Alpha Body Mist for men?
Spray applied to the penis, and the penis should be in an erection state. Make 2-3 sprays from different sides, to evenly cover the penis. After application, wait 5-15 minutes and wash it, either use a condom or wait 20-30 minutes until it is scorched, so as not to dull the sensation of your partner. Lidocaine is neutral to latex and therefore harmless to a condom.
Here is tip ten sprays for men.

  1. PEINEILI Men Spray
    The first spray on our review, the well-known PEINEILI. How to use Peineili and other similar prolongation I have already written above. Among the presented showers PEINEILI is probably a kind of pioneer. For testing, we bought two types of PEINEILI at once in black and silver boxes. After research, it was found that there is no difference in them, and the manufacturer PEINEILI confirmed the transition to the new color of the bottle.
  2. PEINEILI Men Spray costs from 30 to 50 dollars, while you cannot understand the fake or the real product, therefore, when choosing a seller, read the reviews of people who already bought it. PEINEILI is made exclusively in China. The product is not subject to any checks and certifications, because it is true that the manufacturer can be recognized only by contacting the manufacturer. Fakes are high quality. The same applies in principle to any other popular sprays.
    The volume from a sample of 20 pieces showed an average content of a substance of 15.05 ml, the concentration of lidocaine does not exceed 9.3%, with a stated 10%.
    Due to its price, PEINEILI is undoubtedly one of the most attractive for purchase, and also has a lot of positive customer reviews.
  3. MINI LOVE Men Spray
    The price of MINI LOVE Spray ranges from 30 to 50 dollars as well, COLOGNE Men Spray, also produced by MINI LOVE, and costs between 40 to 50 dollars.
    MINI LOVE chose an aggressive marketing policy stating that MINI LOVE Spray is better and more effective than PEINEILI, and is also recommended for oral sex. But this is nothing more than marketing.
  4. Studies from the party in 20 pieces showed that the average volume is 9.1 ml, which is less than stated. We could recognize its greater efficiency in comparison with PEINEILI if the concentration were higher, but not, the level of lidocaine does not exceed 9%, while they declared 10%. Also, unknown herbal supplements have been found in lidocaine, which increases the absorption process to 20-30 minutes. Therefore, you should not wait for a quick result from this spray.
  5. The duration of action also does not exceed 50-60 minutes for men suffering from fast ejaculation.
    As for COLOGNE Men Spray from the same manufacturer, it is a waste of money, the drug is entirely declared as Herbal, that is, on a plant-based basis, but laboratory tests found all the same lidocaine inside. It was with a high concentration of 20%. High lidocaine concentrations may cause a stronger decrease in sensitivity and lead to a short-term loss of erection.
  6. Louis16
    Quite an exciting sample that produces LantHome. The spray is an infusion of various herbs.
    Price Louis16 Spray ranges from 10 to 30 dollars.
    Studies did not reveal the presence of lidocaine in the spray, only water, and vegetable components. As a side effect, testers noted a warming effect immediately after an erection stimulation.
  7. God Oil India
    Indian manufacturer Gushengtang is declared. I honestly hear about this for the first time, although I know quite well al Indian manufacturers. There is a suspicion that this is some Chinese company that makes a spray for its own with the law on Indian quality.
  8. The first thing I want to say right away is probably the only spray where, instead of 10 ml, it turned out in the whole batch, an average of 10.2 ml. However, the declared vegetative composition was not confirmed, or instead, there are some additives other than water. But I could not determine what was inside.
  9. The rest is dominated by lidocaine at a concentration of 12.2%. Perhaps here is the whole secret of efficiency.
    However, the fact that the buyer has been misled makes you think about the purchase.
    There is also about 60 minutes, no more, no less.
  10. LongLast Men Spray
    Excellent and high-quality Indian spray for the Chinese population, and it has not a low price. LongLast is represented in the Middle Kingdom in almost every sex shop, but the rate, as I said, is pretty big. It is two times higher than STUD 5000, and ten times more expensive than PEINEILI.
  11. Moreover, if in China the spray costs from 20 dollars, then the same spray in America costs already about 50 dollars.
    The volume of LongLast averaged from a sample of 20, 11.9 ml, which is very close to the stated 12 ml. The concentration of lidocaine is close to 20%. Action time from 60 to 120 minutes.
    Potent and effective spray, but the price is very high. Although it is a bargain that will last more than one year.
  12. Super Dragon 6000
    Super Dragon Delay Spray product to which you should pay attention only because of the stated 12 ml. But the reality turned out to be 11.8 ml, the concentration of lidocaine is 10.8%, the average duration is 80 minutes. At the moment, this is the most effective spray, which bypasses PEINEILI in the span.
  13. This result is mainly because, in addition to lidocaine, sprays contain a substance like FED-5, causing a persistent and prolonged erection. That is, in principle, stated that the spray helps to achieve growth of the penis, of course, this is not so, but you get a unique combination capable of briefly prolonging sexual intercourse and enhancing erection.
    The control group as a whole noted the positive effect of this drug, but the price for it remains too high. The optimal rate would be the amount of 20-30 dollars
  14. L’ENER Man Concentrate
    LENER is a fascinating specimen, and the placebo effect affected the control group, as many argued that, in their opinion, sexual intercourse did take a little longer.
    We have 20 ml of “holy” water for all diseases, cures for impotence, prostatitis, and fast ejaculation.
  15. We do not recommend you to buy it! Studies have shown that the manufacturer sells regular tincture of Eleutherococcus bottled. We do not provide a link to avoid the temptation to buy this product. I now seem to understand where the Torah Hammer spray was ordered from.
  16. NAISC
    A full copy of PEINEILI spray, only a reduced dosage from PEINEILI results differs in a volume of 10 ml, and respectively, this spray will last for a less short period. There is a suspicion that PEINEILI and NAISC are produced at the same enterprise, since it was possible to get so precisely into concentration one way, as we like to say, poured from one canister.
    The price, unlike PEINEILI, starts at 10 dollars, which is four times more expensive. With a smaller volume, this could explain the creation of a new brand. Indeed, NAISC is presented on the website of the manufacturer PEINEILI, and the support confirmed that NAISC, like PEINEILI, belongs to the group of drugs of the LSGer trademark.
  17. Scorol Men Spray
    The famous American progenitor Stud 100 was copied from it by Indian pharmacists and later developed to Stud 5000, by gradually increasing the concentration of lidocaine in the composition.
    Scorol Spray contains 14.8 ml of the stated 15 ml. The concentration of lidocaine is 12.8%.
    The average duration of action is 70 minutes.
  18. Tai
    Sprays TaTai closes our top ten. The design of the package and the bottle is taken from Scorol Spray and the contents from PEINEILI.
    Thus, it turns out cheap and high-quality Chinese spray, although probably in China, this is how everything turns out.
    Only one sad note in this spray, out of 20 samples presented, the average volume was 9 ml, instead of the promised 10, the concentration of lidocaine is 9.2%, which is very close to PEINEILI.
    Action time from 50 to 60 minutes, after the effect sells completely, the sensitivity returns.
    Prices are relevant at the time of this writing. When you read this, prices may change, both in a smaller and in a more significant way, taking into account ongoing promotions, sales on Aliexpress and the dynamics of the dollar.
    As a control group, there were men aged 18 to 45 years old with problems of early ejaculation; in a healthy man, sexual intercourse may have different results. There is a possibility of failure to ejaculate.
  19. Conclusions: Our research has shown that, in principle, it does not matter which spray prolongation you choose, expensive or cheap, the same active ingredient lidocaine is everywhere, but in different concentrations. Everything else is the price for packaging design and brand. Be careful with your health and do not use it without a doctor.

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